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This site was created on December 30, 2003. Welcome to the Amy Brenneman Fan Site. If you don't know who amy Brennemam is she played Amy Madison Gray on "Judging Amy" 1999, Janice Licalsi on "NYPD Blue" 1993.

I hope you will find everything about the actress,producer,writer Amy Brenneman all important information,biographies, filmographies, links, fan sites and galleries you want. This site has got over 300 pictures.The actress,producer,writer Amy Brenneman was born in the year 1964 and she has the nationality of USA.  And don't forget to singn my Guestbook! Enjoy your say.



March 19,2004: I'm sorry I took so long with my updates. I was looking for more new stuff. I added new pics by the JA gallery.

Feb.01,2004: I added some pics.

Jan.25,2004: I got some great news and a new pic of the week.

Jan.06,2004: I added sounds and new pics

Jan.02,2004: I added new pics and a link

Jan.01,2004: I added new pics

Dec. 30,2003: I posted more pics

Dec. 29,2003: I created this site

picture of the week


Indian Television
... Guardian. The show which stars Amy Brenneman in the title role first
aired in the US in 1999. Brenneman plays Amy Madison Gray. ...

PIť'S Serving Up `Mushrooms,' And LA's Lapping Them Up
Hartford Courant (subscription)
... There's Amy Brenneman of "Judging Amy;" radio talk-show host Laura
Ingraham; Michelle Lombardo, who's competing for Sports Illustrated's
Fresh Face award. ...

NINE apology over Judging Amy slur
Melbourne Herald Sun
... Australian audience. Judging Amy, starring Amy Brenneman, revolves
around the life of judge and single mother Amy Gray. A Channel ...

SAUNDERS: 'Frasier' cast will find work
Rocky Mountain News
... Entertainers scheduled this spring include Julianne Moore, Norah Jones,
Amy Brenneman, Dennis Franz, Doris Roberts and Harry Connick Jr. ...

SMALLVILLE star expects to stay grounded
... My first acting break came (in 1999) when I was cast as Amy Brenneman's
10-year younger boyfriend on Judging Amy. It was a recurring role. ...

'SMALLVILE' star is heading into Bigville movie stardom
Evansville Courier & Press
... I remember doing the last episode of 'Judging Amy' and talking to Amy
(Brenneman) about this TV show, which was 'Smallville.' I had no idea
it would turn into ...

SHARING a sense of humor
Richmond Times Dispatch
... Then he landed a part in the television drama "Judging Amy" when the
actor who was cast to play Amy Brenneman's boyfriend couldn't make it
to the set. ...

CROW Rocks For Choice
Net Music Countdown
... Other celebrities attending will be Laura Dern, Brittany Murphy, Ellen
DeGeneres, Amy Brenneman and Camryn Manheim. More on Sheryl Crow.

BROWSE News by Band Name
... Friday's show at the Hollywood Palladium will also feature Brittany
Murphy, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Brenneman, Nia Vardalos, Laura Dern and Camryn
Manheim, who ...

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LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 8: Star of "Judging Amy" Amy Brenneman watches a video at a party to celebrate the 100th episode at White Lotus November 9, 2003 in Los Angeles.





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